Sunday, June 14, 2009

It is a small world

So today I am talking to one of my fiancee's friends and found that it is truly a small world. One of the reader's of this blog is actually the fiancee or best friend or something to that effect of my fiancee's friend who getting married in a couple weeks. So that is really whacked. Like 2 degrees of separation. What is really whacked is first of all, there aren't that many readers of this mess. 2nd of all, what are the chances that 1 of those readers is going to be friends of a friend. Like 1 in a bajillionmillionzillion. Yeah crazyness. I should go buy a lotto ticket, win, and pay for this wedding.

Guess I will see you in a couple weeks at the their wedding. We can do the intros, chit chat, and shoot da shiznit. Oh yeah, I might be a little loud.


miss.t said...

That would be me and I look forward to seeing you at the wedding in a couple of weeks. Funny thing...I just posted about you yesterday:

EBM said...

hahaah, awesome, will see u in two weeks.