Monday, June 29, 2009

That wedding's a Scorcher!

One of the worst things to happen to a wedding is to have mother nature f with it. Rain and snow are probably the worst thing to happen, but I put scorching hot heat right next to it. Today in LA, it was mighty hot, like mid 90s heat. I mean seriously, how can you go from June gloom to June light my butt on fire. Ok, it wasn't triple digits, but it was not nice 80 degrees. Luckily the wedding was at 5:30, so it did cool down a fair bit. What is funny though is that when you go to a Chinese/Taiwanese wedding, all the mid to old 1st gen people are all allergic to the sun. You know the type. The ones that drive with the big all green visor big enough to block out 20 suns and wear the white gloves in case there is ever the need to not leave any prints behind. (Yeah, a bit stereotypical, but I am Chinese so I can say those things) So when you have that type of guests, of course the seats in the sun are going to be empty. So there were like 20 rows maybe and 15 were in the sun. People were sitting three to every three chair like the sun was their kyptonite. The only brave souls to venture into the hot steamy rays of sunlight were the young kids. The young kids are proud that they are brown and not a pasty like organic yogurt.

What is also funny is that you can always see the groom and groomsmen hating the heat. They walk outside and start sweating instantly. They are standing up at the front in the direct battering of rays and sweating like Shaq at the free throw line. Esp the groom man. Not like he isn't under enough pressure, but now you got to compete with the sun also? Damn you helper of life! Of course you got the photogs running around with their a billion megapixel cameras that can capture all those beads of sweat for you album. If you a lucky they will get that one that just drips off chin and splatters ont eh rose pedals below.

On a side not, a day like this is good when you don't have a suit. Yes that is me. I came down south and thought 100 trillion % that my suit was in LA, but in the morning when I tried to search for it was no where to be found. Crapperrific. Low and behold my suit is up north hanging on a rack. Good thing it is hot. Why u ask? Cuz I can get away with just pants. I am wearing a shirt too you pervs. Who wears a jacket when it is a billion and two degrees. Only if I want to turn my clothes into the next rain forest.

So yeah, heat sucks, wind sucks, rain sucks more, snow sucks just as much, but not having to buy a full suit rules. O yeah the wedding was bombastic too, great backdrop at Friendly Hills Country Club.

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