Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where da heck the Tip Jar come from?

You ever go to a wedding and you see tip jars out? I went to one before with tons of tip jars. The band had a tip jar. It was a large plastic one, which I believe in its previous life was a container for martini olives. Tacky. The bar had a tip cup. Although it wasn't on top of the bar, it was slightly behind it where it catches you eye as you wait. You could see the carefully folded dollar bills hanging over the lip of the cup as to say "Tip me and I will make your drink stronger!!!!" Even the ushers had tip jars, which got you incentive to not be placed behind Aunt Joan with the hat that half the birds of the rain forest help make. The priest probably had one in his bible (tip him and the ceremony time gets cut in half!).

But seriously. The guests are invited to come spend a day with you, get free drinks and a free meal. They are technically paying for these things though if they buy you a gift or spend money in gas. But they are suppose to come and enjoy themselves, not worry if they bathroom doorman deserves a dollar b/c if you don't he won't give you soap.

If we have a tip jar at our wedding, it is going to be a clear bottle with a slit in the lid and on the bottle it was say "Please help pay off the credit cards that we used to fund your night."

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