Sunday, June 14, 2009

Never underestimate a good MOH

When you are looking to pick you MOH, what qualities do you look for? Good friend? Keeps secrets? Always there for you? Fun to hang out with? No, No, No, No and No. Ok, well maybe to some of them. What you should be looking for it party planner extraordinaire and chef. Well that is what my fiancee got. My fiancee's bridal shower was the 3rd one hosted at the MOH's house in 2 months. Fantastic. Means she got this stuff down pat right? Hell Yes.

Not only does she have it down pat, she is like pastry queen. Seriously. She knows how to rock everything sweet since that is her day job at an undisclosed 5 star hotel. What more could you ask for? More you say? How about more food than you can imagine. All homemade. All made during the week. All made for more than 20 people with enough to feed thirty. OH yes. Y-E-S! So much food that when I came back from exile, I was able to stuff my face to the nth degree.

A couple cream puffs, few cucumber sandwiches, about half a dozen smoke salmon sandwiches, some cheese and crackers, followed by a mini red velvet cupcake. Yeah, I ate all that and if u saw me, you would be asking where da heck did it all go. Yeah I am a twig, chopstick to be ethnically correct.

The sick thing was, I wasn't even hungry. Yet I made myself sick. Guess I deserved that. Here are some pictures I manage to snap AFTER the party was over and sort of before the scavengers starting planning their meals for the week.
p.s. the girl trying to eat my cream puff is not my fiancee, if you were wondering


Krista said...

Sounds like a fab MOH! and yummy food too :)

foxxxyboxxxy said...

tell me about it. my friend is getting married this weekend. her MOH is one of her cousins. last weekend was the bachelorette party. it turned out to not be so fun because all the MOH did was book the hotel and say we were going to boston. 2 days before the party, me and another girl were informed that we were supposed to be planning things to do... so needless to say i was up til 2 am baking penis cookies and cakes the night before and searching for clubs to get 18 yr olds into (because boston is all 21+ now). yeah. i felt awful. it was poorly planned and executed. we're gonna have to throw her a "just married" party when she gets back from the honeymoon or something.

luckily when its my turn, my MOH will be all over that shit. like white on rice son.

Cathy said...

Looks like a fabulous event!