Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Seriously MIA

So I have been seriously MIA from blogging. Do I have time? Yes. Why don't I blog? I don't know. Since we are on the cusp of the 3 month mark, I decided to blog. I think we are making progress but we aren't crazy ahead in terms of things we have left to do. Let see some things that we have finished:

Order tux
Booked Photographer
Booked engagement photographer
Went to more cake tastings that failed, so think we are sticking with original
Launched website

Things that are in motion:
Blocking off hotel rooms for out of towners
Getting quote for full bar (oh yes!)
Reviewing quote for flowers (might be orchid overkill)
Started buying stuff for invitations
Fiancee's hair trial was a total bust
Still working on website (looks like I broke it for IE, damn u microsoft!)

Still there is tons of crap to do. Finalize the rentals, find out where we are staying for the wedding, still got to book honeymoon flight (where are the deals!!!), videographer, rehersal lunch, etc..... etc.... etc.... This thing never ends. Why would anyone want to get into wedding planning business. It never ends!

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Mike and Elaina said...

The old lady and I are staying at the Norwalk Marriott after our wedding at the C.E. If you haven't been there, give it a look. They recently remodeled it and looks great. They gave us an awesome deal for our suite and the block of rooms for our out-of-towners. The woman you need to speak with there is Joanne DeMarco. She's really nice and will hook you up. We're having an open bar as well so it'll come in handy that the hotel is so close. They also have a good bar for the "after hours" since the C.E. has to end early.